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This blog went live 6 months ago today and I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has browsed a page, clicked a link, or interacted in any way.  It has been a fun learning project for me thus far and I hope it continues to be going forward.  Here is to another 6 months of lazy-girl shortcuts and learning.  Thanks, folks!

Support Small Businesses, Here Are Some I Love!

Hi all, I know in this crazy time it can be so difficult to figure out how to help, below are a few small businesses that I love, all around the United States.  Some involve self-care, the other cooking since we are all spending more time trying our hand at spicing up our daily grub routine.  I hope you will support these small businesses if you can, now or in the future.

  HENRO Company
I love their match striker and candles, they are always developing new products, taking customer suggestions through their Instagram stories, and just interacting with their customers in general.  Kristin is also very knowledgeable about candles and shares her knowledge willing, and I enjoy her Instagram stories and watching her business grow each day.  The company is named after their son Henry Robert.  Below is my match striker and my glass chicken, it's a family thing.

Website        Instagram     

They also have an Etsy shop and are on Amazon but you can get everything from their website!

 Old Whaling Co.

I came across this company while visiting Charleston and I know I have promoted them before but I just LOVE this company and their products.  Their bath bombs all smell amazing, along with their candles and soaps.  If you need a pick me up, order their new gift box sets, you won't regret it!

Website        Instagram

They are also on Etsy but you can buy through their website!

Galena Garlic Company is out of Nashville and other regional locations, and is working through a recent tornado in Nashville and now everything else.  Their spice rubs and olive oils look amazing and some people I follow on Instagram religiously use them.  I just placed an order, and through this weekend a number of their spice rubs are on sale for $5 (it will show up in your cart).  Check them out and support a community-based business.  They have every spice and spice rub I could think of and flat rate shipping.

Website        Instagram

They have many more products on their website and accept phone orders as well!

*No preservatives or artificial flavoring or hidden ingredients 

How Can We Help? Stay Positive Peeps, Love Ya!

First off I want to say we are all in this together, I am writing this from my couch while watching a show on Netflix, like most of us now, this has become a norm for me during part of my evening.  I am trying to stay active in some way, walking with my dog, working on small projects around the house and outside (Wyoming weather permitting) and doing my job from home, which I am eternally grateful I am still employed.

I am also grateful for everyone making efforts in this time to keep our world as normal as possible, yoga class online, teaching skills online through video conferences, deliveries still rolling in, family and friends reaching out to check on each other.  In that same effort I have listed a few items below to help those who might be feeling lonely during this time, seniors in Wyoming, and those in need of food in this state.  If you aren't from Wyoming and are reading this please feel free to look for the same opportunities in your own state I am sure they are out there.  Hope you have a good week at home and stay healthy!

Send a card to seniors in Wyoming, with the First Lady in partnership with the Wyoming Department of Health Aging Division via the addresses below, just make a card or many cards and send them to the address below and they will take care of delivering them.

Purchase one of these Wyoming Strong shirts from Little Wyo Things (click on image for a purchase link) and $5 from each sale will be donated to the First Lady's Wyoming Hunger Initiative.

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