Brené Brown Has a Podcast, and It Is Just What We All Need!!

Did you know that Brené Brown just released the first episode of her new podcast  - Unlocking Us, last Thursday, and it is everything I needed to hear to start this week off.  I would call that a Wednesday win if there ever was one.  I know I am a little late in listening to this podcast, work has been busy, and I have just felt emotionally and physically drained, not sick, just drained, social distancing whiplash I guess.

I do realize I am lucky to still be able to have a job that is busy right now, not as busy as some though, God bless everyone who is working around the clock to try and solve the problems this pandemic is presenting the world.

So for those of you needing a break or something quality to listen to please check out this podcast it is worth 38 minutes of your life, I promise.  I will warn everyone, there are some swear words in the podcast (FFT - you will figure it out).  Happy listening!

Great Shirt for a Great Cause! This is Me!

I am not a hugger - sorry unless you are family or a close friend I need my space.  So this shirt speaks to me.  As you already know I am a fan of The Shop Forward and I know things are really tight money-wise for everyone right now.  If you are looking for a fun way to support others in this pandemic I think this is it.  I just wanted to share this shirt and cause.  Stay healthy!

One of My Favorite Self Care Companies!!

Do you have a company that makes products you just love, maybe one you feel like is a hidden gem? I do, the Old Whaling Company out of Charleston, South Carolina. I came across their products on a great girls trip to Charleston a few years back about this time of year while walking through the city market. I bought a few items and tagged their Etsy shop as a favorite and didn’t think much more of it at the time.

Then I got home and started using all the wonderful smelling lotions and have been ordering their soaps, which work great as a shaving cream, face wash and I am sure so much more, bath bombs (all amazing), and candles ever since. These products make great Mother’s Day gifts, get well soon baskets, birthday presents or just thinking of you gifts. I haven’t found a scent I don’t like or a product I don’t love. Check out the Old Whaling Company online and if you are in Charleston walk through the city market and check out their stall!  You won’t regret it!!

Are You Competing to be Busy, and Running to Exhaustion?

Do you feel a need to be busy all the time?  When someone asks you what you are doing this weekend, do you feel like you need to rattle off a list of items you are doing or plan to do, because that is what is expected of you?  Expected by who.... by you, by your family, by society, has being busy become a social norm, are we working ourselves into exhaustion, just by being busy?

This week I just want us all to focus on ourselves, take some time to read this blog, and do something for yourself whenever you read this, take a break and relax.  No DIY's, no shortcuts this week, just a simple break from the busyness that is has become the day to day life we all lead.

Sit down and take a deep breath, grab a drink that makes you happy, no judgement here on what that drink happens to be.  Now think on something that made you smile today or recently, be grateful for that moment.  Maybe write that moment down in a journal, I am not a person who journals, not even a little, but have started writing down one item per day that I am grateful for, even on those bad days.  I am also not good at meditating, so I feel like I am killing two birds with one stone while I am writing down my one item of gratitude I think on it and my overall day, that is my meditation for the day.  Some days it lasts 30 seconds, some days it lasts 5 minutes.  Either way it helps me slow down, and focus on the results of my actions.  I have only been doing this for a little while, will I stick with it, only time will tell, I hope so.

Now that you are relaxed with your favorite drink and have a good thought in mind do something you enjoy today, something that brings that smile back to your face, and something that isn't busy work!!  If anyone asks you what you are doing today, tell them NOT being busy, per Lazy Girl ;).

I hope this short blog post have provoked some thoughts for you on the topic of being busy to the point of exhaustion.  The intention cards below are from my yoga instructor Theresa Hansen at Little Lotus yoga studio, if you need a break from your busy life and want to connect with a great community check out a class or event at Little Lotus, you won't regret it!

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