Making My Own HeadBoard

I have wanted a headboard for my bed for a while now, but the cost of one was slightly unreasonable for me.  Plus I didn't want to purchase one I couldn't change out and was stuck with until the end of time.  This all lead me to making my own headboard out of foam board from Home Depot.  You can get the 2'x2' foam board from any home improvement store, I just had a coupon so it was to Home Depot I went to get mine.  

I read an article on Pinterest about this process and the person there used duct tape and foam board for their headboard.  Here is what I can tell you, do not use duct tape to attach your fabric and batting to the foam board, it won't stay.  I used an old blanket my new puppy chewed on and fabric from Joann's to make my headboard and the duct tape was a massive fail.  The only thing it stuck to was itself.  That saying you can fix anything with duct tape and baling wire, I am beginning to only partially agree with it, the baling wire part.  I can fix anything with a brad nailer and yardsticks lately :).

That being said I put the blanket I cut down for my two pieces of foam board and the fabric on each piece of foam board and attached it to the back with hot glue, and during this process considered buying a cordless glue gun in the near future.  No more power tools Carrie!  Then I made my tufting buttons using a button kit, which was my favorite part of this project it was so much fun and the buttons turned out great using the same fabric I used on the foam board. Btw if any of you want back loop or flat buttons like this out of this fabric let me know and I can make you some and will gladly send them to you.  I have extra fabric and buttons.

Now it was time to attach this to the wall, first I tried the option listed in the article I read, large and extra strong Command picture hanging strips, they didn't work at all, don't waste your time.  Then I tried double-sided carpet/rug tape.  I love it for so many items in my house but that only worked for a short period of time.  So it was back to brad nails and yardsticks.  These worked perfectly I was able to nail the sticks into the foam board without issue and then I just nailed them into the wall and everything is working great.  I owe this solution to a dear friend of mine who suggested it and I already had all the items needed for it.

Overall I am very happy with how this turned out and it was a lot cheaper than ordering a tufted headboard online.  I have included the items I used below.

2 - Foam Insulation Boards $6 each $12 total 2'x2'
4- yardsticks $1 each $4 total
Fabric, button making kit, and batting if needed from Joann's or similar store, prices vary

Also yes I know the picture above the headboard is now off-center, it is centered on the wall, not the headboard, and such is life right?!  Thank you for all the support folks, and happy DIY'ing.

Micro USB Cables - Do We Really Need More?

I recently bought some motion-activated LED lights to put next to my dog door (yes my new puppy is VERY spoiled) and under my upper kitchen cabinets.  I really like the ones I got, except for the fact that they came with yet another micro-USB charging cable.  I seem to be collecting these at a rate that is slightly disturbing.  

I have been thinking about it, does anyone else have a stash of these cables?  Wouldn't it be great if you could get a rebate when purchasing an item that has a micro-USB charging cable and you don't need it, or at least make a check box available saying please don't include charging cable in the shipment?

I just feel like I have enough clutter in my life and can only charge one or two devices at a time usually, why not get some sort of credit or at least have the ability to say no I don't need any more of these cables in my life, thanks but no thanks.  What do you all think??

Have a great weekend folks and I have linked the motion-activated LED lights below if you are interested.

While I make a small percentage on sales used through my code, these are items I have used and trust.  I use them in my home or everyday life, and no amount of commission is worth compromising your trust.  Happy shopping!

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