My Favorite Time of Year!

 Hey Folks! Happy New Year - too late for that?? It's my favorite time of year, no not Wyoming's frozen winter, which by the way, December was rough! We are talking about the new release of Proven Winners flower pillows.  Are they cheap for annuals, nope, are they totally worth it and make making planter recipes easy, YES! Right now shipping is free on the flower pillows.  I just ordered two for my planters out front again, this has become my yearly purchase for my two planters.  Below are some pics from last year and the link to the flower pillows purchase page if you are interested, no benefit to me just great information and a chance to order some plants in January!  Happy shopping folks!

May 2022 the 4X6 flower pillow

Aug./Sept. 2022

Proven Winners Flower Pillows

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