How I Hide and Store My Essential Oils!

Have I mentioned my house is small and doesn't have a lot of storage?  I never could find a great place to store my essential oils where I could see them and they weren't all piled up on each other in a bag.  Then I realized that the space below my bedroom window is available and covered up most of the time by my blackout curtains, so I put in a few shelves and essential oil storage was created.  If your next question is, you keep your bedroom curtains closed most of the time, the answer is yes, I get migraines and dark and cold is the way to go so blackout curtains are the way for me.  Plus the windows there are small so I bought large floor-length curtains to extend the look and feel in the room.  I hope you find this little tip useful for storage and hiding some items you don't need to see every day.  Happy diffusing!

While I make a small percentage on sales used through my code, these are items I have used and trust.  I use them in my home or everyday life, and no amount of commission is worth compromising your trust.  Happy shopping!


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