The Best Item for the Candle Obsessed!!

I listen to the Amy Brown Four Things podcast, on a previous podcast, she was talking about one of her favorite items an electric candle lighter that is rechargeable.  With my candle addiction I had to check this out, so ordered one from Amazon, and have been trying it out this evening and I can say I am in love.

It is rechargeable and comes with a USB charging cable.  There is a safety button on the bottom of the device that you must turn on before the device will ignite and then it is very easy to use just push the lighter switch up and then start lighting candles to your heart's content.  I have included a video below of me using it.  Sorry, it was hard to video me using it and lighting a candle at the same time. Now I can get rid of all the dollar store click lighters you see around my house, and in the video.

While I make a small percentage on sales used through my code, these are items I have used and trust.  I use them in my home or everyday life, and no amount of commission is worth compromising your trust.  Happy shopping!

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