Brené Brown Has a Podcast, and It Is Just What We All Need!!

Did you know that Brené Brown just released the first episode of her new podcast  - Unlocking Us, last Thursday, and it is everything I needed to hear to start this week off.  I would call that a Wednesday win if there ever was one.  I know I am a little late in listening to this podcast, work has been busy, and I have just felt emotionally and physically drained, not sick, just drained, social distancing whiplash I guess.

I do realize I am lucky to still be able to have a job that is busy right now, not as busy as some though, God bless everyone who is working around the clock to try and solve the problems this pandemic is presenting the world.

So for those of you needing a break or something quality to listen to please check out this podcast it is worth 38 minutes of your life, I promise.  I will warn everyone, there are some swear words in the podcast (FFT - you will figure it out).  Happy listening!

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